Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Dad's 60th Birthday Party Invite

My dad turned 60 a few weeks ago, and as I approached the design for his invitation I decided not to go the "Over the Hill" route. Rather, I thought I'd put being 60 years old in perspective, comparing my father (upper right) to a number of celebrities that were born in the same year. What better location to see a bunch of headshots together than in a high school yearbook? So, I mailed the invitations in a dark purple envelope reminiscent of dad's high school colors.

Jack's Baby Shower Invite

An invitation I designed for a baby shower for my cousins and their soon-to-be born baby Jack. Obviously a play on the Jack of Hearts, there were 8 different "baby blanket" designs on the backside of the invitations. (Um, not that the recipients knew there was more than one version, but I did!)

A few examples of the printed invitation backs:

Holiday Bowling Party

Our company went bowling yesterday to start off our evening of holiday fun. I had so much fun taking photos in the bowling alley that I might make it a project someday - everything is so shiny! It was also quite dark, and my digital camera can only fake a 400 ISO, but I don't think they came out that bad.

Japanese-inspired Dinner

I've been cooking a lot of comfort food lately (and we've both been avoiding the scale), so I decided to cook a healthy grilled meal: chicken and shrimp with a teriyaki glaze, sesame green beans, and cold udon noodles with a subtle dressing of rice wine vinegar, ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce. The noodles were great, and would be perfect in the summer. (Loving our new plates and silverware!)

Our Tree!

My blogs have been few and far between lately on account of some birthdays, a baby shower and, of course, the holidays. Most of my recent time, however, has gone in to getting settled into our apartment (into which we moved in May!). Wedding planning really prevented us from making our new home the focus of our time and efforts. We're getting there. Anyway, I think an evening spent making a $17 fake tree look pretty good is an evening well spent!