Friday, December 7, 2007

Recycling...With a Little Help From My Friends

...and no help from my work building.

Although we recycle paper in our office, our building does not provide a means of recycling plastic or glass. I drink a ton of water at work, and suddenly became very tuned in with the plastic I was throwing away each day.

I started saving my plastic and glass bottles, and the pile grew so quickly that I found myself with a dilemma: how do I get these bottles home without looking like a bag lady on the train?

The answer: have your friend bring them home for you! I was feeling very lucky that 1) my coworker's husband is a passionate recycler, and 2) he was picking her up at work one day this week. The two of them drove my 2 giant bags o' bottles to Arlington where they were recycled:

Totally embarrassing (my coworker brought my garbage to her house!). But I guess I needed that visual to help me change some habits. I now have a Nalgene bottle at work which I refill, and we discovered that the Au Bon Pain across the street has a bottle recycling bin.

I find each week that our recycling bin is overflowing while our second garbage bin goes unused. This seems like a good problem, but it makes me wonder why recycling bins are so much smaller than garbage bins. This seems to send the wrong message about recycling volume right off the bat. We should have equal or more recyclables than disposables. Case in point, here is my green garbage bin (on the left) and my recycling (right) for this week:

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