Saturday, March 8, 2008

What I Made 4 Years Ago

I am so excited to have just been asked to submit a poster I created in the Fall of 2004 for possible publishing! Like, in a book!

Ah, the world of Poster Design - in an academic setting no less. No restrictions, no federal regulations, no clients choosing your least favorite proposed design. In Chaz Maviyane-Davies' absolutely incredible Poster Design class at MassArt, we were asked to create a poster on the topic of "Discrimination." Here was my response and explanation as it might (hopefully) appear in Steven Heller's upcoming book DESIGN SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL:

Let Them Eat Pork!

This poster was created in response to the French National Assembly's decision to ban Muslim head scarves and other religious symbols from public schools in February of 2004. Designed for a class project about discrimination, this poster focuses on the ignorance of this archaic decision regarding the traditional practices of Islam, with 18th century Marie Antoinette representing the modern-day French government.

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