Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bear With This Blogger

I am going through a very difficult right now, and regret that my blogging has been shelved for nearly two months.

I am just starting to consider and re-enter normal weekly routines (like grocery shopping and, say, being present at work all day), and will soon restart my work in the kitchen. Slowly, I'll get back to posting regularly, but it won't be easy.

I originally created this blog for myself as a means to document the things I create — edible and not. My mom soon became my biggest fan. (I think she was before I created this blog, but she most certainly became its most dedicated reader.)

On March 19th, we lost my mom to some aggressive, unstoppable, evil cancer cells — despite her determined, continuous 2-year fight against them. She was 60 and healthy and wanted so much to be here for me and my family. My mind still cannot seem to comprehend that she is gone.

In many ways, I know I will feel that I am still blogging for her.


LoveANewIdea said...

I am so, so sad and sorry to hear this. Still so many years ahead of her. And yes, mom makes the best fan, which I'm sure she'll continue to be from wherever she is.

Martha said...

I am so sorry to read this. Yes for years you will still blog to your mom. My Mom has been gone over 5 years now and I still think about her when I cook a recipe that she used to make or see something she would find interesting. And at the end of most days when I watch the sun set and the sky turn what she called 'sky blue pink' I think about her. My thoughts are with you.

ErinM said...

What lovely support from folks I have never met! I so appreciate your comments. Thank you.

runpdx said...

Randomly found your blog today, and am so sorry to hear about your mom. Coming face-to-face with your parents mortality is, by far, the worst part of aging! From one foodie, and daugther, to another -- my sincerest condolences.

ErinM said...

Thanks so much, runpdx, for your thoughtful comment.

This Sunday marks one month since my mom passed away, and I will be sure to create a new post on that day. I like to think she is patiently waiting to see 'What I Made Yesterday.' : )