Thursday, May 7, 2009

Caramelized Tofu with Brussels Sprouts and Pecans

I created a largely vegetarian meal plan this week ... and then ended up craving a burger badly come Tuesday afternoon. I am weak.

I had stumbled upon this recipe a while ago on Serious Eats, who stumbled upon the original recipe at 101 Cookbooks. There's lots of stumbling going on in the food blogosphere.

I finally made this for dinner tonight. I think this was my first successful attempt at cooking with tofu -- it always seems to fall apart on me in stir frys and the like. Tonight, though, the tofu was just perfect and I am suddenly feeling very soy-inspired.

We loved this simple meal. The next time I make it -- and there will be a next time -- I will cut the sugar to 2 tablespoons. I also can't help thinking that bacon (or Smart Bacon) would be a lovely addition. Brussels love bacon, and bacon loves them back.

Incidentally, the burgers at the Water Street Grill are really very good.


LoveANewIdea said...

Oooh - will have to try burgers at Water Street Grill - used to love their buffet. By the way, have you had a Lantern burger yet? The best!

ErinM said... in on North Street in Pittsfield? Tell me more!

Water Street burger (medium) with bacon and cheddar was absolutely perfect. AND their fries were good!