Friday, June 19, 2009

In Appreciation

The 2009 Relay for Life begins in 7 hours. My life has been abnormally, unbearably hectic for the past 4 months. I am feeling lucky to have today off from work so I can make the preparations that a good team captain should, and so I can emotionally focus on this event and its specific meaning to me this year.

We knew before losing my mom that we wanted to do something special for the staff at Berkshire Medical Center who were so sensitive to her needs and dedicated to her comfort. What a difficult job these folks have. Soon following our last long day at the hospital, I began thinking of a way to thank these caring people.

I contacted calligrapher Debby Reelitz, who I had worked with previously on a piece that I gave to my parents as a thank-you for hosting my wedding. It was beautiful, and I knew that she would once again create something unique and special -- representative of both my mom and her craftwork.

We selected a color palette based upon my mom's beloved batik fabrics, and chose a poem that celebrated nursing.

I loved the frame as soon as I saw it, and although I worried it was too "whimsical" for something so serious, I could hear my mom's voice telling me that she also liked it and that there was nothing wrong with adding some fun into the piece.

I love it, and I am excited to finally present this most beautiful, meaningful "thank you" to the BMC staff today.


LoveANewIdea said...

This is so lovely - the calligraphy is gorgeous, and I am absolutely WILD about the frame...nice choice!

ErinM said...

Thank you!!!

Cami said...

This is beautiful and thoughtful. I think it's totally perfect. Miss you!