Sunday, May 6, 2007

Can't Stand the Can

My husband enjoys a low-carb lunch of tuna salad on weekdays. This simple lunch consists of canned tuna, light mayo, salt and pepper. If he doesn't have the time in the morning (on the rare mornings when I do!), I offer to make this for him.

Although I've recently begin cooking, eating, and enjoying fish regularly, I barely remain conscious after a whif from a freshly opened can of tuna. Pure nastiness - especially in the morning. Having learned that over-cooked fish releases fishy oils that cause overly fishy taste and smell, I asked my fish teacher if this canned tuna smells because it is overcooked. She told me that anytime you cook tuna through, it will smell like, well...tuna. This is why it's so popular either in sushi (uncooked) or seared on all sides (but left rare in the center). She suggested I whip up a salmon salad, which I did, adding a little dill and lemon to my broiled salmon. So much better! Ah, the lack of smell of success!

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