Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Really Should Make This More Often

I made chicken marsala last night for the first time in years. I recall that my last attempt involved a lot of measuring and worrying about cooking times, which is kind of a downer, even if the results are good.

This time, I reviewed a couple of chicken marsala recipies, got the jist, and walked away from the books. I did what made sense based upon what I've learned from spending so much time in the kitchen lately - and it worked fabulously! It was quick, easy, painless and delicious. And, gosh, I like egg noodles!

I have found it is very difficult to take photos of food with a flash, which is really my only option when making dinner after 7pm. It always looks weird, and I'm way too hungry at that point to even think about using a tripod. Thus, my very stark-looking food pics.

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