Thursday, February 5, 2009

Resolutions Check-up

I didn't actually begin working toward my 2009 New Year's Resolutions until January 5th. A Monday, I decided, was a much better day than a Thursday to implement such things.

Anyway, I just want to document on February 5th that I have really worked hard at my goals, and have even reached some of them!

I have not finished reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," but I've made much progress. Also, my plan to read the newspaper at work changed when my workload suddenly picked up considerably; I've ended up working (and eating) at lunchtime. So, that needs to change.

I came very close to my goal of losing 5 pounds in a month. I lost 3.4 pounds, which is pretty significant given that it was done with diet alone. Still haven't been to the gym or, you know, for a walk. Stupid snow! Helping with my diet, I have successfully brought my lunch at least 4 out of 5 days of the work week. A much larger percentage of our meals this month have been vegetarian, as I'd hoped. I have also started to become more familiar with local farm options for food. Gosh, I'm excited for Spring!

I am working steadily at learning the bass clef (years of reliance on the treble clef have made my brain so resistant!), and here is my piano-playin' proof. It ain't pretty, but it's progress! (You didn't need to see my pajama-covered arms playing this, right?)

I also started learning to knit this month. Finally! I bought some beautiful cotton yarn (I'm allergic to wool) and what was sold to me as the Ferrari of knitting needles (really, I was hoping for the Corolla version) and have been practicing casting on and off, knitting, and purling with some practice yarn before I move on to the real deal. Good thing, eh?

AND, lastly, I have designed the business cards for my freelance design work, and they are being printed as you read this!


Loveanewidea said...

Nice clean card design, and really like the name.

ErinM said...

Thanks! Soon after we started dating, my now-husband started calling me "Splinky" out of the blue. It stuck!

Cami said...

The cuteness! I love that story of how you got your business name. It has a fun, but high-tech feeling to it. I love it. I just listened to your piano playing. Very nice. You're so versatile! :o) Miss you much!!!!!!

ErinM said...

Aw, thanks, Caissa. I have fallen far from the path of my resolutions with everything that's gone on here. Soon...soon, I'll get back on track.