Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Resolutions (2009 version)

Why do we do this to ourselves?!

I am going to keep this year's list o' resolutions simple. Attempts to break old habits and/or form new ones always offers a challenge, so I am hoping to avoid setting myself up for failure.

I will read one book per month, and I will blog about said book once it has been read. I have been 'reading' Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for well over a year, I think. This is ridiculous. There are a ton of books on my shelf waiting to be read, and it makes me sad. Time to fix that.

I will read the newspaper during my lunch half-hour, instead of spending more time at the computer as I eat. I don't think I've picked up the paper since October (!!), missing some major news stories along the way. The only thing I miss about my Orange Line commute is the time I was able to spend reading the Metro. (Oh, and my train friend, of course!)

A list of resolutions just wouldn't be complete without a weight-related proclamation, so here it is: I will lose 5 pounds by the end of January. Winter is a tough time to implement such a change, but I'm going for it. Look at this crazy weight chart!! This chart shows a year of weight fluctuations, clearly affected my some major life events.

A resolution related to both dollars and pounds, I will pack and bring my lunch box 4 out of 5 work days each week. No problem.

A bit more abstract, but I am going to try to address ideas and issues when they arise. This will hopefully result in a shrinking — rather than an expanding — to-do list.

Stop thinking about craft-making, and start making crafts. Results to be posted on the WIMY blog, of course.

And then...

There are a few things I hope to take care of ASAP (see Resolution Five above). They're more like short-term goals that don't quite fall into the 'Resolutions' category:
  • Design, print and distribute my SplinkDesign business cards for freelance work
  • Learn the bass clef (how else can I progress with my piano-playing?!)
  • Visit local farms and food producers in the area, and hopefully learn enough to start a MeetUp group for such activities
  • Eat more fish and vegetarian meals

There are some aspirations that are difficult to quantify. For these, I turn to my circle of family and friends. I am incredibly fortunate to have been influenced throughout my life by such a group of people. Each day, I will strive to strong as my mom, as reliable as my dad, as compassionate as Jane, as tireless as Ruthie, as smiley as Laura, as honest as Shannon, as artistic as Senta, as perceptive as John...I could go on and on...


craftYARD said...

great list! one crossed my mind too, and i want to read that book. five is a definite, which is why i'm writing a comment now, instead of bookmarking to draft a comment and come back later. and for sure, definitely gotta-gotta do SIX also!!! and hopefully blog 'em!

Erin Murphy said...

Wow craftYARD, I really appreciate both your reading my post *and* your comment. Thanks! And best of luck with Resolutions 1, 5 and 6!


Laura said...

Hey Boo, I haven't done resolutions in a long time...maybe I should start. I just kind of decide when I should do something, and then hopefully start!! Also, as far as your striving to be more like all of your family and friends....I need to tell you that you have all of those qualities are an amazing person and best friend anyone could ever want. Love ya,Bean

ErinM said...

Thanks, Bean, for the sweetest comment I have ever received!

mrs. jvb said...

Reading your blog makes me miss you so much more. your homie- jvb