Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Purely Pistachio?

My dad's favorite ice cream is pistachio, and I have been excited to make him some homemade pistachio ice cream for months. I have often wondered how companies end up with green pistachio ice cream. Sure, the nuts are kind of green, but not the freakish mouthwash green that we're used to seeing. The ingredients attested to the un-naturalness of this color (um, and flavor):

So, I thought mine would be a nice off-white hue. It was not. To make this ice cream, I used farm-fresh eggs, the yolks of which were much more yellow than store-bought eggs. So, my pistachio ice cream was yellow. Yolky yellow. But it was much better than the fluorescent "Purely Pistachio" from the store:

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