Monday, March 19, 2007

Some Realizations...

That's right. I *made* realizations. I might not have accomplished a lot this weekend, but I wasn't completely asleep. Here are some of this weekend's questions, or ideas really:

I was thinking about the planet Mars, and was wondering if they call Martian soil "earth?"

I had an idea to use financial budget software like Quicken to set up a "time budget" to see where your time goes. You could set up a "checking account" with a 168 hour (dollar) balance, which would be a week's worth of hours. Then, keep track of how you "spend" your time: an hour grocery shopping, 3 hours on the internet, 8 hours of sleep, etc...and you could actually document, budget, and visualize how you spend your time. It could be revelational! Of course, you could never deposit time. Hmmm...

And then, I was wondering why no one talks about acid rain anymore? It was such a big topic in the 80s.

And, along with a failed attempt at searing scallops, that's what I *made* this weekend. : )

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