Saturday, March 3, 2007

Thank you, Helen Rennie!

(Helen Readdy, on the other hand, would be disappointed with the amount of time I've been spending in the kitchen...)

Helen Rennie (do check out her food blog) was the instructor of the fish class I took in early February at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. I learned so much about fish, cooking fish, and eating fish (which I've never been much good at) in this class - and have slowly been putting my new knowledge to great use. Although I made her Swordfish Provencal a few weeks ago, I'll have to document it the next time (when it will, no doubt, look more fabulous!)

Tonight, I made Helen's Salmon Teriyaki and it came out perfectly. I really enjoyed eating the salmon, which was a first! My body has never experienced such a volume of omega 3 fatty acids.

As I prepped for tomorrow's orange sherbet (which should be interesting since somehow Stop & Shop mixed their regular oranges with their blood oranges...the ice cream will be pink!) and baked penne with roasted vegetables, I made a very successful marinara sauce. I'd been searching for the perfect recipe, and found a tasty looking marinara recipe from (of all places) Cooking Light that came out GREAT!


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