Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yum, Steamed Meat! ...OR... How I Long for a Charcoal Grill!

I continually try (and rarely succeed) to grill beef on our grill pan. Because there is nowhere for juices or marinade to go, instead of creating beautiful grill marks, I create steam. I don't want to eat steamed meat! (Too close to a "boiled dinner" for me...)

So, although my first carne asada was flavorful, and two of the pieces kind of grilled on one side...I was disappointed.

We have a portable propane grill, but I became increasingly paranoid of potential explosions throughout the summer of '06. With warm weather around the corner, I am considering getting a charcoal grill. I have to admit, though, that Brad Delp's recent bizarre suicide technique gives me minor pause.

We were starving when we got home last night and I took some liberties with the recipe. Surely, preslicing a flank steak will both make it marinate AND cook more quickly - right? (I think it mostly just made more steam.) I did create a pretty good spontaneous side of black beans with garlic, a little salsa, lime juice, and that magical Goya adobo stuff:

Inspired by both Roberto's Taco Shop in Las Vegas and Mexico Lindo in Melrose, I am going to make a second attempt at carne asada soon.

Or maybe we'll just eat out?

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