Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A difference, I hope!

I walk part of Boston's Freedom Trail each morning on my way to work. Several months ago, it appeared someone had backed into a street sign, damaging the pole to the point that only its severed base remained. I regret not taking a "before" photo of this pole (the "after" picture is shown below). It was so sharp and dangerous! I reported it online to the mayor's constituency, and nothing happened. I waited and reported it via phone to the Mayor's Constituency. I waited. Nothing happened. Finally, I wrote a letter to the Metro for their "Metro Moments with Mayor Menino" column and I got an immediate verbal and action response.

Of course, now there's a "No Parking" sign where there once was none. Oops. Still, I hope I have saved some poor soul from ankle wounds and tetanus.

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