Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Indian Food Fest

Oh, I DO love Indian food. The best Indian Food I have ever had is in my old stomping grounds in Union Square in Somerville. India Palace, while lacking in service and atmosphere, does it all right. I am almost never in that neighborhood anymore, and I haven't found a local replacement. So, what better than to start learning how to make stuff myself?

I had found a highly rated Indian cookbook a few years ago that, as it turns out, you needed to be Indian to understand. Not only could I not understand the ingredients, but I also had no idea what anything was based on the titles of the recipes (which were not in English). So, somehow, I turned to a combination of Rachel Ray, an Albany newspaper, and an Indian recipe webpage to get my Indian on.

Last night, I made Rachel's "Tandoori Chicken" - chicken coated in yogurt and spices and roasted at a high temp in the oven. On the side was a 3-pepper salad, and chana masala (spicy chicpeas). It was an awesome, healthy meal, the remains of which I brought to work today in my Mr. Bento!

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