Friday, February 1, 2008

It's Aliiiiiive!

Our lovely friends sent us a package with two Amaryllis bulbs for our 1st wedding anniversary on November 11th.

My first thought was - uh-oh. I just can't seem to keep anything alive. I have a small "un-killable" ivy plant at my office desk that I have watched drastically decline in health since I removed it from its happy place at the greenhouse:

Still, I planted the little bulbs and watered them (maybe twice?), the leaves grew tall, and a couple of days ago, it happened:

Maybe I don't have a black thumb, afterall?

ADDENDUM (2/26):
As my work plant continues to decline in health, my coworkers increasingly try to come to its rescue. My boss, however, cut to the chase and got me a cute little desk plant/kinetic sculpture that will live on (and flap it's little leaves) as long as the sun continues to shine on its little solar panel:


Jessie said...

Nice flower. What about the plant in the office? I hear it's brown and shriveling up on itself. LOL.
your friend

caissa's mom! said...

mom says, "oh yeah! the amaryllis is foolproof!"