Monday, May 12, 2008

Abby Road

Not Abbey Road (don't even think about stealing our street sign—a frequent occurrence), but Abby Road.

Since we spend many of our weekends "vacationing" in the Berkshires (my hometown area), I thought it made sense to create a little post featuring the street where I grew up.

The weather was beautiful this past weekend and after John went for an early morning walk across the street, I decided to follow him with my camera.

Down Abby Road... the farm...

...until I saw him on his way back up the hill.

The old farm fence (waiting for John):

Dandelions can be pretty (waiting for John):

Engrossed in my photo adventure (while waiting for John), I suddenly noticed that a llama had run right over to me! I'm sure he thought I had food, which I didn't, and it didn't matter anyway because this llama was very resourceful. He noticed the long grass on our side of the fence, and shoved his giant lips and teeth under the fence, chomping grass and weeds at warp speed.

He seemed to be paying no attention to us, so I moved closer, checking out his crazy llama hair:

After I snapped this photo (my last photo of the weekend), the llama lifted his long neck, looked me right in the eye, took a big breath in, and threw up on me. Well, at least I thought so. What I had seen as giant yellow goobers flying at my face was, in fact, dry pieces of grass. John had a perfect profile view of the whole incident. I don't like llamas anymore.

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