Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pea Soup and Seared Scallops

I am trying very hard to plan meals that comply with the Weight Watchers Core Plan. This plan differs from the WW points-based plan in that you are restricted to eating the following foods (in an unrestricted volume, within reason):

• Vegetables and fruits
• Non-creamy soups
• Whole wheat pasta, brown rice, potatoes and grains
• High fiber and other cereals without added sugar
• Lean meats, poultry, fish and eggs
• Fat-free milk products
• Healthy oils
• Condiments
• Coffee, tea and sugar-free beverages

This "diet" is so sensible—really, it's a framework we should always have in mind when meal planning and eating. I was having great success on the Core Plan until I came down with appendicitis (unrelated, I'm sure) almost two years ago. Somehow, that little surgery threw me off for almost 2 years! So, we've implemented the plan again in the Murphy household.

We have been eating nuts (in moderation), and the plan does allow for a certain number of points per week that can be used to enjoy things like ice cream sandwiches (with which I suddenly have an obsession) and the cream and sugar that I find so essential in my morning coffee. I also refuse to eat anything that's unnaturally fat-free—I mean, what is that stuff? And, I might have to break down and have a slice of pizza very soon.

One of my favorite Core-friendly meals that I can grab near my workplace is from Boloco. I love their burrito-in-a-bowl option, and their Summer Burrito (chicken, rice, black beans, mango, cilantro, cheese and mango) is awesome. Substitute brown rice and eliminate the cheese, and you've got a perfect Core meal. However, I came down with the stomach flu after recreating this meal at home several months ago, and hadn't been able to eat this fine burrito again until today. (I think they were happy to see me.)

Anyway, I'm struggling as I plan each week's dinners, and am completely open to ideas and suggestions! Last night's meal seemed a good solution—only, apparently, I don't like pea soup as much as I had envisioned. (The pea soup was creamified with lowfat plain yogurt.) This was my second attempt at pan seared scallops, and I think I've got it down. And, I have lost a little over five pounds!

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Cami said...

Wow, what a creative meal! Congrats on dropping five. I'm... not losing weight. It doesn't work to just want to lose weight. You have to really "live the plan". UGH! Those scallops look really good, but I don't eat seafood. I <3 pea soup, too.