Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cod Provençal

I finally found a few minutes to cook dinner at about 7pm tonight. I was so caught up in household projects that I think I would have forgotten to eat had I not looked at a clock. Luckily, this dinner took no time at all to prep.

I happened to see this recipe today in a recent issue of Everyday Food. It's an Emeril Lagasse recipe, and the foil packets were supposed to go on the grill. It was extremely windy this evening, though, so they went into the oven (at twice the time, as it turned out). This is only the second time I have eaten cod, and I really like it. It was also nice to eat lightly tonight, since I have been hitting the pizza and burgers pretty hard lately!

My first foil packets o' food ever:

And the lovely, healthy result:

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