Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Ready (With Help From DCOM)

I offered my services last October to the Diabetes Coalition of Massachusetts (DCOM). DCOM's executive committee was looking for someone to design a logo for the newly formed alliance. They had no visual identity when I contacted them, and I am excited to say that they now have a logo — and brand colors!

I wanted to develop a logo mark that represented the various groups of people coming together to form this coalition. I wanted it to feel positive, but to also be symbolic of the seriousness of the topic of diabetes. I had very specific direction to avoid pointy edges, which might be reminiscent of the needles used when treating the condition. Here was my solution:

I'm pleased to report that the committee is very happy with the result:
I just wanted to let you know that everyone on the Executive Committee loved the final version of your logo, and we’ve started to design the new web page around it. I’ll let you know when it’s live. I hope you are happy with your work. You did an amazing job, and we are all very grateful. Hopefully, the new image ushers in a new era of involvement and ups the excitement quota.

In addition to their kind commentary, they sent me a completely unexpected Amazon gift certificate yesterday, and I decided to buy a few of the items that have long lingered on my Amazon Wishlist. I think (hope?) that these three books will be representative of how I spend my time in my new cable TV-less country life. I'm very much looking forward to knitting, gardening, and baking bread in my spare time.

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Cami said...

Very nice logo, Erin. I'm very impressed. :o) Logo design is so interesting and it's really fun for me to see what designers were thinking when they came up with them.