Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Do Not Disturb" Signs

We have decided to give each employee at my workplace the opportunity to keep other office workers from pestering them. I was asked to create a few options for "Do Not Disturb" signs that can be hung on people's doors (or across the doorway of their cubicle). Here are the solutions I have offered to this seemingly boring design problem:

I do so love this font (Corinthia) and am determined to work it into a project here before I leave:

A very office-centric solution:

Someone recently brought a typewriter into the office to 'easily' type addresses on envelopes...only we can't find an ink cartridge for the darn thing. Still, I was inspired:

A solution with threatening overtones:

My favorite option:

We are voting on these options today.


Anonymous said...

hehehe! I love them all! And I think they get the point across. I voted for the cookie!

Grapple00 said...

I'm feeling the one with the typewriter. But all are interesting.
Good work.
The fortune cookie is colorful, but not strong enough - text-wise.

Erin Murphy said...

Uh-huh... Um, just a follow up here that we made a double-sided door sign with "the bug" on one side and the plain script on the other. Our office should be a much quieter place soon! ; )