Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dipping in the Pocket of My Raincoat

Today is the official Craiglist and eBay day with respect to our move and the household downsizing and simplification we are striving for in our new home. We were so fortunate to move in together to a large space with a ton of storage — neither of us had to get rid of anything when we merged our stuff. Now, of course, we have to do the sorting and purging that we should have done in May 2006!

I was going through some clothes that have gone untouched for some time in a bin in our basement storage area. (Does anyone really wear turtlenecks anymore?) I found my old bright yellow LL Bean raincoat, and found seashells (from Nantucket?) and a pencil in its pocket.

I am assuming that the pencil came from a friend of mine who is a Duke alum. She is proud to be a Duke alum, and I'm confident that she believes Duke to be #1. However, the person who chose this design for the printing of Duke pencils lacked a bit of foresight. (Maybe these were distributed by UNC?)

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