Saturday, January 10, 2009

Georgia On My Desk

Hooray! Our first Georgia regulations book, in all its re-designed glory, has just arrived at the office. Since starting my job here in August, this is the first book I have worked on that is entirely my design. I really feel I have created a more approachable design with an easier-to-follow layout.

To see before/after samples of my redesign, please visit my design portfolio.

Wow, that's some bass!


oc_lily said...

That's awesome! Mike is totally into bass fishing. That's all he seems to talk about these days. Any plans on working on a magazine for California?? I will tell my husband you worked on a fishing magazine...and he will be very happy. :)


ErinM said...

Thanks, Susan!! Of the handful of possible states we may work for in the future, I'm sorry to say that CA has not been mentioned. I wonder if it's not a big hunting/fishing state?

I guess you'll just have to move closer to me!