Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Sunday Dinner

The arrival of the cool, dry air of autumn calls for a change in the contents and preparation of our dinners, about which I am very excited. I hope we can fit in one more grilled meal, but the slow cooker is calling to me.

I have decided to start making official Sunday dinners - a bit of a challenge when there's only two of us. I love marking the start of a new week, and I enjoy the pace that such a dinner sets for the day. I'm envisioning spaghetti and meatballs, beef stew, baked beans, chili, roasted chicken...that kind of thing.

So, this past Sunday was a start, although it was more time consuming than future Sunday Dinners will be.

I made slow-cooked pork chops (which I brined overnight - my first brine!) and homemade tortellini filled with roasted delicata squash and ricotta. I learned from both endeavors (overly salty pork and excessively time consuming tortellini) but the sitting-down-to-a-Sunday-meal part was wonderful!

My brine!

Our tortellini (John helped!)

The dinner:

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