Monday, September 22, 2008

Matchstick Potatoes

There is a lot to be said for cooking spray. I try to avoid it, when possible, as it seems to consist of compressed chemicals in a can. This recipe specifically called for spraying the foil-lined pan with such spray, and it seemed like a very good idea...only I had none.

Boy, did these little mandoline-matchsticked potatoes stick to the foil. I watched them roast in their olive oil goodness in the oven, then went to toss them intermittently and — nope — they weren't going to budge. I was essentially making a giant oven-roasted hash brown. This was not what I had in mind to go with our burgers.

John was the voice of hope, saying that maybe they would be OK. He was right. I peeled my hash brown from the foil like a Smurf from a giant sheet of Colorforms.

They were good. I'm wondering — can we do the same thing with beets? Carrots?


Pluskey Family said...

Hi Erin and John - I hope you are enjoying your new life out west. You made a plea for lurkers to come forward - that would be me. I've printed out a few recipes to try someday. We miss you in bell choir - Kara has come out of retirement to ring through christmas. I'll check up on you again soon. Theresa Pluskey

Erin Murphy said...

You've printed my recipes? Really?

So sorry we missed you on Sunday! Might see you around Christmas? If we could only decide what to do for the holidays!

Again, you all did a great job at the concert!!