Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bed, Bath, Beyond, and Bangs

There were two words that my Turkish roommate in college always managed to get wrong. She often accidentally referred to pimples as pumpkins, and bangs as bangles. She was a big 80s music fan, though, so that last one might have been on purpose. She was also an idiot.


While at the salon yesterday, after saturating my hair with demi-permanent color, but before making the decision to cut bangs (a major event in a girl's life!), I was flipping through In-Style magazine when I came across an ad for Bed, Bath & Beyond, referencing their omnipresent "20% Off Coupon."

Now, I admit to being sensitive to bad advertising because I work in the industry. (I have also been extra tuned-in recently to bad Photoshop jobs thanks to this hilarious blog.) Worse than making a Photoshop error, though, is having a room full of overpaid people agree that your stupid concept should go to print.

I spent more time on this page than I did looking for the perfect celebrity bangs. First, I was stumped by the copy. Too much time later, I found the fork prongs (upon which the whole ad is focused) mushed in with the company logo. Then, I saw that the clever designer took "off" one of the four prongs to symbolize the "20% Less"—but not "20% Off"—that BB&B promises with this coupon. If I could bring myself to visit this store (which has far too much "Beyond" for my taste), I might bring in this fork ad and demand that they give me "25% Less."

Sticking with a theme, here, I cut about 75% off my bangs. (Hey, it's the first photo of me on my blog!)

I apologize for my recent excessive griping. This blog is meant to be about my creative production—not finding fault with that of others. Oh, but first, I really hate the Symbicort ads, too. (Did FEMA build the sets for the iPod commercials, or something?)

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Cami said...

OMG are you kidding? You should totally critique on this site. Why not? It shows part of how you view the world. I wouldn't have glanced twice at this ad, but you're right! They should give you 25% off! Crazeee.