Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vegetable Fried Rice

Despite my last post, I did this week's grocery shopping at the new Whole Food's in Medford yesterday. Because of the store layout, the availability of pretty much any ingredient I might ever need, and impressively helpful staff, I keep finding shopping at Whole Foods to be a much more relaxing experience than time spent at Shaw's or Food Master (my other handy options.) However, visits to Whole Foods must be off-peak, which is when I arrived yesterday.

I did not buy a single meat product yesterday (and yet, still spent $115). Almost entirely in the produce aisle, I found the ingredients to make vegetable fried (brown) rice, including the pre-cooked brown rice! (I didn't feel like waiting an hour to cook my own rice, which never quite comes out right, anyway.)

This recipe cooked up so quickly and easily—and, if I hadn't burnt the eggs a bit, it would have been a one-pot meal! I have been experiencing some seasoning-deficiencies in my cooking lately, and I was not going to have low-sodium fried rice! So, I salted the veggies while they were cooking...forgetting that I don't have low-sodium soy sauce = salty!! Lesson learned. This was a great, healthy meal, and we'll be making it again!

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