Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Mr. Murphy Made Yesterday

My husband, John, cracks me up. Tomorrow marks the final day of his first year teaching high school English, and a celebration is in order, for sure!

Last week, I helped him format his final exams, and I learned some new vocab as I typed (I was a very bad English student). The answer options for the word parochial were particularly interesting for a couple of reasons. (You may have to click the image for a larger view.)

Given the use of the word to describe a religion-based school system, I would have thought that parochial had implications of God or at least the idea of global knowledge. But, no, the correct answer is a) limited. I don't think I would send my children to an establishment called Limited School and expect much in return.

But the real reason I wanted to share #50 from John's final was the fake answer he included. When John took his written driver's license exam back in the day, answer d was one of the (wrong) answers to the question, "What should you do when you see a blind person crossing the street?" He vowed that he would use it on an exam some day. Dream fulfilled!

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