Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Year in (Completely Unrelated) Camera Phone Pictures

I don't often take camera phone photos, but am glad that I have the option. My phone is far from high-end, and I recently ran out of memory. It was time to delete some pictures. But before I did, I emailed them to myself:

For part of this winter, I had John drop me off at the train station on his way to work (at 6:30am). This had me arriving at Quincy Market before 7am, which is a very dark, non-touristy hour in the winter.

Earlier this year, Governor Deval Patrick began discussions of limiting the number of "detail" work performed by police officers in an effort to save taxpayer dollars. His proposition to use civilian flagmen instead of officers for these cushy, high-paying posts was shot down very quickly, despite its obviousness as a money-saving solution. (Something to do with the strength of the police union?) The day after this case was abruptly closed, I walked by one such police officer who was appointed to stand next to residential home construction.

We took a trip to the LL Bean store in Burlington, MA. The LL Bean company does project an image of conservatism and ecological friendliness, but I wasn't expecting to see that reflected in their toilets. In the bathroom, the toilet lever had instructions: lift up for #1, and push down for #2. The upward option uses less water. I was fascinated! (And it really did use the #1/#2 nomenclature...)

In April, a friend and I went to see comedian Eddie Izzard at the old, old, OLD Orpheum Theatre in Boston. It was old. I had seen Bonnie Raitt perform there not too long ago, and had a great time. Our balcony seats to see Mr. Izzard were completely visually and auditorally obstructed, horrible, full-price seats. I have yet to write my letter to the theatre, and I know that absolutely everyone in the upper balcony was ripped off at this event, so...if anyone wants to join me in my quest to get our money back, I'm ready!

And last but not least, a Simpsons-esque sky captured through our filthy windshield.

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