Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Hometown

Well, our move went as smoothly as possible. We were blessed with two days of wonderful weather snuggled in between many days of thunderstorms, and pretty much everything arrived in one piece. The important thing, of course, is that we arrived in one piece to our new home in Adams. From the Town of Adams website, which is chock full of informative tidbits, here's an aerial shot of our new neighborhood:

I'll have my own photo adventure soon — maybe when the leaves change? That'll give me some time to settle in a bit more.

After unpacking and arranging things as best as possible (while we wait for our fabulous new couch to be delivered!), we've done a pretty good job of taking it easy. We caught a couple of matinees (free popcorn on Tuesdays!), walked around Cheshire Lake via the wonderful rail trail, enjoyed deep tissue massages at Cranwell in Lee, and got a personal tour of Kripalu in Lenox!

So, I am just about feeling ready to start my new job on Monday! It's hard to judge the new pace of our lives (ya know, since I've been on vacation...) but things definitely feel calmer. This is a very welcome feeling. Yesterday morning, I bent down to pick up the local newspaper and I found this little guy waiting for me:

He was fun to watch for a few minutes. I like it here.


Anonymous said...

Okay Erin, I have a few things to say. First, was the free popcorn as good as Dale and Thomas? What does your new fabulous couch look like, AND I looove the caption under that lovely picture of us...that night really was the night when 2 became 1 ;) I miss you already, hope everything is going well! Good luck Hunting and Fishing!! (NOT internet searching terms!)

Erin Murphy said...

Hmmm. Well, free things do always taste better. However, in this case I have to say 'no.' My GOD the Dale and Thomas Popcorn is good. *salivating*

Things are going AOK, but I do definitely miss you all.

: (