Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sesame Chicken with Brown Rice

After my first day of work (for which I packed a vegetarian lunch) I was craving protein for dinner. I threw aside our plans to have penne (whole wheat, of course) and jarred Ragu (I'm not that much of a food snob!) in order to try another recipe from Cooking Light.

As an aside, I have to get some of the boil-in-bag quickie brown rice. Otherwise, it takes so long to cook — especially on a weeknight. That shall be my grocery goal this weekend!

The recipe (which I shall not post here) called for tossing the cut chicken in an egg and corn starch mixture. I did this (I had plenty of time as the rice cooked!). It also called specifically to use a non-stick pan. Here, I scoffed at Cooking Light, especially since my only non-stick pan was too small. I wasn't fond of the idea of cooking the chicken in batches. So, into my non-non-stick sauté pan went the egg-coated chicken...and onto my pan stuck the eggs, which then burned to a black crust. Because all of the egg mixture eventually fused to the pan, I don't think it played any role in the recipe, which miraculously came out fine. This one is definitely a do-over, and I'll re-post when I give it a second (eggless) try.

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