Sunday, July 15, 2007

Amatriciana with Penne and Chicken

I discovered Amatriciana sauce many years ago at La Dolce Vita in Boston's North End. This bacon-y (or pancetta-y) tomato sauce has a hint of spice. I later found an excellent Amatriciana sauce at the fabulous Capone Foods in my old stomping grounds, Union Square in Somervile. (Oh, and their eggplant dinners are amazing!)

So, it was about time I tried for myself. I used pancetta, and don't think I had quite enough of it on hand. It also didn't crisp up like I had hoped. It wasn't bad - it just wasn't as good as the ones I have come to love. I will try again soon with bacon (Amatriciana Americana?) and will re-post!

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