Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Suggestion to Google

As a graphic designer, I use Google's Image Search function all of the time. I may not use the actual images, but I've found it a great way to brainstorm when trying to come up with solutions for design/advertising problems, and sometimes I use Google images in making comps. The problem is, I find the Google Image page set-up to be very annoying for extended use of this feature.

Keeping in mind that I sometimes look at hundreds of pages of images, I am slowed down by the "NEXT" button being located on the bottom of the page. Because the images sizes on each page are different, the "NEXT" button is not always in the same place, meaning I have to move my mouse or sometimes scroll to find and hit "NEXT" to proceed.

Writing about this makes me feel incredible lazy. I realize it takes very little time or effort to move my mouse 1/4". But the web and such search tools are set up to maximize speed and efficiency. My suggestion to Google was simply to put an additional "NEXT" button and row of page numbers at the top of the page. This button would always be in the same place and would make searching Google Images much easier. Many stock image sites have done this, and I tend to stay away from those that don't, or any that make the process more difficult (Getty Images, eg). Hoping that Google responds to my suggestion for this easy fix!

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