Monday, July 2, 2007

"Touch Him, Splinky!"

...encouraged my husband (jokingly, of course) as Garrison Keillor strolled by our row of seats as he warmed up for the Prairie Home Companion broadcast from Tanglewood this past Saturday evening. Touch him, I did not but photograph him, I did.

This photo has particular meaning to me because for the many years I listened to A Prairie Home Companion on weekend drives back and forth across the Mass Pike, I had no idea what Mr. Keillor actually looked like. My mind invented a face for the voice: that of a plump old white-haired man with a beard (think: Santa Claus). When I first saw his photo in the newspaper a couple of years ago, I actually had a difficult time accepting that his was the face attached to the mouth from which the familiar voice is broadcast. I'm OK with the idea now, and really enjoyed seeing the show (and Mr. Keillor) in person.

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