Friday, April 25, 2008

New Family

I confess, this is officially old news, but I came across this photo earlier today, and it's one of my favorites — ever.

Last summer, my father's second cousin (I think?) married Gene Shallit's daughter. It was an outdoor affair, and my dad (whose photos always crack me up, anyway) took this blurry photo of Gene as he processed.

I love it. He looks like a covert villain, pondering his plan to steal some tiny woman and tie her to a railroad track.


Cami said...

I <3 Gene Shalit! He is such a perfect celebrity. He's always poking around town, waiting to be recognized. he he. It's so funny! He's really cool. What a great photo.

Erin Murphy said...

John and I once saw him enter and leave Super Stop & Shop three times during the course of our shopping. His bright green Crocs got our attention! (Wonder if he wore them to the wedding...?)