Sunday, April 6, 2008

What My Mom Made Yesterday No.2

My parents visited us a few weekends ago and brought a much known-about, talked-about gift. It was, however, so special and so magnificently crafted that it was an incredible surprise.

While we were planning and creating/designing our wedding decorations in 2006, my mom came up with the idea of making table centerpieces out of jewel-toned velvet fabric, on top of which we placed bundles of wheat. This, alone, would have been lovely, but then she used a heating technique with autumnal rubber stamps to deboss areas of the velvet.

They were a centerpiece, indeed (I really need to find a better photo)!

A close-up of the de-bossed velvet:

We collected each of these centerpieces after the reception, and my mom (along with some very generous, talented friends!) sewed together each of these squares, binding them to a super-soft Minky backing, and quilting the entire blanket with a swirly stitch to form the most beautiful, heavy, luxurious quilt I have ever seen. I am afraid to use it!

A landscape of velvetness on one side:

Unbelievably soft, beautifully quilted Minky fabric on the other:

And, as an added surprise, an embroidered inscription on the back:

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