Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Trip to Southern Maine

My goodness, Maine is closer than I thought! A few weekends ago, John and I decided (pretty much simultaneously) that we needed to get away. (This, after we decided to axe our planned trip to Chicago later for June.) We booked a pre-peak-season package at The Cliff House in Ogunquit, where we had a very relaxing, much-needed weekend. The perfect weather was a bonus!

I knew that I was on vacation, of course, but my internal alarm clock had no idea. I was awake at 6:15am on our first morning away. It's hopeless for me to try to fall back asleep once I'm up, so I opted to put on some clothes (and my winter coat), grab my camera, and head out to capture the effects of the sun low in the sky. Here are some random early-morning coastal Maine photos:

I should add, too, that we had a friend along for our trip, who we (well, I) have decided to name Minnie - our new, wonderful, smart Garmin nuvi GPS that I hope never to be caught without. She made the trip to and from our destination, and everything in between, ridiculously easy.

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