Saturday, April 12, 2008

They took away our WHAT?!

We at 84 State Street were warned early this week that the Starbucks in our building would be closing at noon on Friday because it had been chosen as the location for the scene of a feature film.

Crews spent hours setting up lighting and wiring and fog machines, and 'extras' lined the sidewalks waiting for the director to yell, "Rolling!" They waited a long, long time...and I have a feeling that the 5 hours they spent on our street corner will translate to about 5 seconds of film: man buys two coffees, man runs out of Starbucks with said coffee and crashes into someone.

This is going to be a great film (insert sarcasm here). I have learned it's called "The Proposal" and it stars the man mentioned above, Ryan Reynolds, whose name I did not recognize, but who I vaguely recall from the horrifically-named TV show "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place." But, since every one else seems to know the guy, I thought I'd grab a photo for the ol' blog along with some shots of the whole crazy film-making process. I confess, I got way more excited about this event than I (or anyone) would have expected of myself. I think part of me knows I won't be living in the city for too much longer, get it.

The film crew:

The extras (it never occurred to me that sidewalk walkers were cast!):

The spectators:

Ryan Reynolds and some seriously star-struck people:

As my coworkers and I were retuning to our office, we shared an elevator with some crazy young woman in a big fur hat. She was not from around here, and seemed very concerned for us that the outside of our building was in disarray - she spoke as if this sort of thing happened all of the time at 84 State. As she confusedly exited the elevator, she shouted, "They even took away your Starhole!"

That they did, lady. That they did...

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