Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Steamed Veggie Dumplings

Thanks to my roommate's steamer, I tried making steamed pork dumplings a few years ago. They were really very good. I gave up on trying to figure out my bamboo steamer (it no longer lives in our kitchen), and I have no interest in buying a steamer - especially when I find I can use my All-Clad Multi-Cooker to steam everything. It's multiple steam baskets would allow for an entire meal to be steamed - I love this thing. AND, it doesn't carry the price tag (for its size) of other All-Clad items, since its sole purpose is to boil eater (no fancy heat distribution needed!).

I have also been trying to make more vegetarian meals, so, I've been eyeing Alton Brown's veggie dumpling recipe for a while. I especially wanted to add them to my lovely little bento box meals. I did modify the recipe, using broccoli slaw instead of grating my own cabbage and carrots. I mean, come on, I only have so much free time! I made a little dipping sauce with soy, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, chives and ginger. Awesome.

Dumpling assembly line:

My super-versatile All-Clad steamer, steaming away:


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Cami said...

God, I need to stop reading your blog because it makes me HUNGRY!